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Link building is a process where incoming links are linked to your website from external web pages. The aim of link building is to make the website more popular in Search engines such as Google, resulting in a higher position.

Search engines see links as votes for your website. The more votes your website has, the higher the position of the website in the Search engines. With link building, it is not only a question of quantity (the quantity of incoming links) but also quality.

Link building is currently the most successful and most important part of Search engine optimisation. About 70% of the website's location on Google is dependent on the link building strategy that is used.

With our link building techniques, we also have a good position amongst the Search engines. For our most important keywords, we are on the first page:

Of course, you will receive a clear and comprehensive report on our link building activities. In this report, each link that we have placed is visible.

It is also possible to request a one-off link building, so that your website has a little extra boost in the search results for Google or other Search engines. Moreover, it is possible to agree a top 10 position from the start; we can set out individual (price) agreements for this.

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