With the Internet, consumers have an enormous influence on the reputation of companies. They can easily express their views through various online platforms. Both negative as well as positive messages can strongly affect sales or even the company name.

Consumers share many experiences across forums, blogs or other social media. Consumers and companies are influenced by these experiences. Are there a lot of negative messages about your company? Then, it is already easier to move onto the competition.

Positive or negative messages are not only read by consumers but also by Search engines. This means that if an individual types your company name into Google, these messages also come out at the top; this can have considerable consequences for your turnover and reputation.

Why use Madara for Online Reputation Management?

By using online reputation management, it is possible to influence the information that is available about you or your company. This is the case for both positive as well as negative comments.

Madara has considerable expertise in suppressing negative comments about your company. The method is simple but very effective. We publish a large scale of positive information about you or your company. We do this on our websites, forums, blogs and social media.

We maximise these positive comments in the Search engines so that only the positive comments about you or your company appear on the first page. This technique kills two birds with one stone. You reputation is secured through the social media and Google.

We work on a 'no cure no pay' basis. You only need to pay the total amount if the negative comments about your company are suppressed.

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