Search engine advertizing is possible on various Search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing. By far the largest play in the field of search engine advertizing is Google. The Google advertising programme is called Google Adwords.

With Search engine advertizing, your advert appears beside or above the independent search results in the most important Search engines. In English, Search engine advertising is shortened to SEA.

What are advantages of Google Adwords:
About 95% of Dutch Internet users use Google to search for products and services. With Google Adwords, you can make sure that your website is visible when your product or service are being searched. Consequently, you can win visitors, leads and sales through your website. The achieved results are entirely measurable making it easy to calculate the revenue. Below, we have set a list of a number of advantages:

  • Within minutes of your campaign starting, your adverts are already visible.
  • You can reach people who are looking for your product or service.
  • Improve your brand awareness and branding.
  • Advertise using an unlimited number of search terms.
  • Revenue versus expenditure is easily measurable.

Why use Madara Search Engine Advertizing?

We have Adwords specialists who are working daily to maintain and maximise Adwords campaigns. We know the tricks of the trade and are therefore able to achieve the maximum returns for your campaign.

Madara has been able to achieve higher returns for many companies. The power of a strong Adwords campaign is in the small details, such as the right keywords, specific advertising texts, a good quality score, clever use of the content network and use of relevant landing pages. With this information, we can make the difference.

We make sure that your Adwords campaign has no start-up costs. In addition, you will receive €50.00 worth of free Adwords from us with any new campaign.

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