Social Media is the name for online platforms where the users/visitors of the website provide the content. People use Social Media to share online their opinions and experiences with others. Sharing thoughts is done on Social Media sites such as blogs, forums, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Hyves.

For many companies, Social Media is a platform where they can differentiate themselves from the competition. It is not only possible to specifically advertise products or services; experiences can also be shared and you can enter the conversation with your target group. Social Media can also be seen as the online version of mouth to mouth advertising. If you score well on Social Media platforms, you can gain new clients via acquaintances of your clients.

Examples that you can achieve with social media:

  • Improved position in search engines.
  • Build up relationships with your target group.
  • Increase trust in your company/product.
  • Generate more visitors and clients.
  • Consumers are prepared to embrace your brand like a friend and introduce it to other friends.

Why place your Social Media Marketing with Madara?

Madara is experienced and driven in the intelligent approach to the correct Social Media strategy. For example, we recently had created a very simple but strong campaign for a clothing brand. We had the shirts, which were worn by famous Dutch celebrities, tagged in a photo on Facebook. Each of these celebrities had more than 300,000 followers on Facebook. Then, we placed this photo on Twitter via a link with a #name of celebrity, where there were another 700,000 followers active.

Using this creativity, this campaign saw a massive increase in online sales. However in addition to the rise in sales, there were many other advantages such as: increase in brand recognition as well as trust in the brand. Are you interested in how we would deal with your Social Media Campaign?

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